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Multi unit Dwelling Systems for Hospitals and Flats Dish Installation and Dual View Antenna and Distributing Points Live Sound & AV Presentations
1 Welcome to Mr Dish,
Mr Dish is a DSTV, dish and satellite installation Company based in Northern Suburbs Western Cape.

We are proud to announce that we were named by Multichoice as one of the three best installers south of the Orange River. All our installations were classified by them as VIP installations.
We also belong to Unashamedly ethical and if our work does not comply to the values, standards, guidelines and laws as laid down by these institutes, we can be reported and taken from the accreditation list if found guilty. We are now more than 10 years in the business and have build up an incredible name in the industry. We strongly believe in quality and recommend that you read carefully through this webpage in order to empower you with the necessary knowledge, helping you to make the right decision.
  Our contact number is available at the end of the quotation list to protect the client as well as ourselves. Quotations are based on average installations and can change according to circumstances and terms and conditions but within reason.
We live in times where schemes and misleading information are regarded as good business skills. We have decided to deliver workmanship of a very high standard; therefore we cannot always compete, price-wise, but can definitely challenge the best installers regarding workmanship. In accomplishing this, we have built up a relationship with different information sources like Universities, Technicon's and decoder manufacturers (UEC). We are in constant contact with Richard Gee of Space TV and Mr Hartzenberg of TX Magic and Sentec, who is responsible for various RF senders in the Western Cape. All the problem reception areas are discussed with these institutions to provide the best service to our clients.

We specialize in:

• Communal systems for Flats, Hotels and Hospitals.
• DSTV, Satellite dish and antenna sales and installation.
• Precision alignment for best reception in bad weather.
• Installers of Space, Alcad and SkyWave products.

We guarantee professional workmanship of a high standard.

Resent Projects:
- Caledon Casino – Re-installation
- Erinvale Hotel - Re-installation
- St George Complex - Re-installation
- Cape Diamond hotel – New Installation
- Optenhorst Medi clinic – New Installation
- Devon Valley Hotel - Re-installation
- Vygeboom, Lords Walk and Onze Molen Retirement Centre
- Derventhouse and Dark Choclate Guesthouse

Basic quotation structure:
Callouts and Quotes = R350 Excl parts transport and vat
Callout + 1hour Labour = R350 Excl parts transport and vat
Callout + 1 to 3hour Labour = R650 Excl parts transport and vat
Callout + 3 to 6hour Labour = R1200 Excl parts transport and vat
Re-align Dish = R350 Excl vat and transport
Dismantle Dish at prev res = R150 Excl vat and transport
Install Dish = R650 Excl parts transport and vat

Please work through the detailed quotations on the respective sub pages

Terms and conditions:
There are cheaper options but the installer will run the risk of loosing his accreditation certificate.
These quotations are only valid if all the piping is open and in order.
A key must be available for each apartment at all times so that installation is not affected, and if not adhered to, extra time and labour fees will be charged.
Enough space in conduit is required for the installation of at least two cables per apartment.
It might be necessary to install extra equipment for example brackets, amps or ducting which is not included in the quote and the customer can only be informed of these during/after installation.
Quotation is subjective to terms and conditions as stipulated on website
Mr Dish will not be held liable for any damage done to the client’s property due to the normal installation procedure.
The client will be held responsible for any injuries to workers on site caused by structural deficiencies of the building.
Payment to be made after completion of work.
All parts remain the property of Mr Dish until settled in full.
Hiring fee will be charged on all parts not paid within 30 days after completion of installation.

Contact Details
Mr. Dish
082 293 2198
Reg. No. CK 2002/013755/23
Vat Reg. No: 4210218634