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Installations of
Multi Unit Dwelling Systems (MUDS) for flats or Hospitals

These Installations are quite complex and require a lot of skill and knowledge to be sorted out properly.

Therefore we want to mention a few pitfalls and explain how to overcome it.

The head end of an installation is where all the wires decoders, video machine and DVD come together, being processed for distribution.
It is normally located near the reception area for easy access. Try to locate the best area for the head end. Please discuss location with installer during building stage and plan before hand for correct layout of ducting, grids and wiring Moving a head end at a later stage is costly and time consuming.

Head end can look like this:
Broadband Amplifiers, Tab’s and Modulators for decoders. (Hotel installation)
Decoder cabinet Modulators
These systems require a lot of cable, which means that an enormous amount of wire aerea is expose to magnetic fields. Power cables in roof and building generates strong magnetic fields and the TV cable or coaxial cable absorbs this energy. This absorption of magnetic field is called magnetic induction and cause interference on TV screens or can stall DSTV decoders.

To solve this problem we use coaxial cable with a screening factor of more than 49%.
Secondly we lay the antenna cable in the middle of the DSTV cables and thus use the other cables as an extra screen if possible.
Then we also lay our wires just beneath the rooftiles – away from power cords and well protected.

Here you can see that the wires are laid away from power cables to avoid magnetic induction. Secondly no one can stand on it which means no kinks in the cable. Kinks in the cable cause percentage blockage of signal and redirect part of the signal in the opposite direction, which causes interference on TV screens.
Wrong! Wrong!
These problems can not be rectified through amplification because this will amplified the interference or the distorted signal as well.
Launch amp in the roof of apartment block Channel filter to create clean frequency space for video machines and decoders
Launch Amp with broadband Tabs
TV’s do have a tendency of sending noise back into the antenna cable. This signal in the opposite direction will cause interference on TV screens.
With multiple distribution points this can become a big problem. Therefore we use tabs and not splitters because they block this noise and prevent it from going through to the rest of the system.
This method of wire installation is prescribed by SATRA (South African Television and Radio Association) as well as Stellenbosch University. As far as we know Mr. Dish is the only company that follows these rules to the end.
People sometimes ask, what is the difference between a Mr Dish installation and the guy next door.
  1. Our installations are technically correct and obey the laws of physics and science.
  2. We spend a lot of time laying our wires away from power cords.
  3. Our cables are laid in the roof in such a way that no one can stand on it, preventing it from getting kinks that causes reflection signal in the cable which lead to poor reception over a period of time.
  4. We use genuine copper cable and not copper clad which disintegrate with DC over a period of time (+ - 14 months)
  5. We refuse to install parts that have caused us trouble in the past. We give a 1 year guarantee on installation and cant afford comebacks due to sub-standard parts
 QUOTATION: Install Distributing Points in Apartment Blocks
(Typical 16 Unit Installation. DSTV + Antenna. R1315.00 Excl VAT per Apartment)

3 Days
Description Qty Unit price Amount
80 cm Fibreglass RTM Dish
Quad LMB (MTI Quatro ku 9.75/10)      
Spawn Launch AMP SMK 5503      
2 x SPawn Multi Switch SMK 5582      
Aerial Alcad MX-075 or Skywave Antenna - SABC Recommended    
Filter UHF 4Way Notch Alcad      
1000m RG-6/U Satellite Cable (Bieffe, Italy)      
Satellite wall outlets      
Pole + bracket      
Apartments 16 1315.00 21040.00
    Sub Total R 21040.00
    VAT R 2945.60
    TOTAL R  23985.60

 QUOTATION: Install Distributing Points in Apartment Blocks
(Typical 16 Unit Installation. Antenna R800.00 excl VAT per apartment)

3 Days
Description Qty Unit price Amount
Skywave Antenna
3m Pole + bracket      
2000m RG-6/U Satellite Cable (Bieffe, Italy)      
ALcad AI 200 Amp      
16x Satellite wall outlets      
4Way Notch Filter      
Installation 16 Distributing Points 16 800.00 12800.00
    Sub Total R 12800.00
    VAT R 1792.00
    TOTAL R  14592.00
There are cheaper options but the installer will run the risk of loosing his accreditation certificate.
This quotation is only valid if all the piping is open and in order.
 QUOTATION: Install Head end for Hotel and Hospitals
(Typical 16 Unit Installation. Antenna R800.00 excl VAT per apartment)

3 Days
Description Qty Unit price Amount
Decoder DSD 1131
5 557.42 2787.10
4-cable Spawn Basic Station 12way Multiswitch SMS51202 NF   2347.62
High cut Filters     800.00
12 Alcad modulators 5 832.86 4164.30
4 way 10 db Tab     89.94
4 way 12 db Tab     89.94
Home theatre Cable 2RCA - RCA 5 26.00 130.00
24 db Setback Amp (Alcad IA 108 Powerpass)     285.00
5 Pt. Multiplug 5 70.00 350.00
3 x 2 Pt Plugs 5 15.00 75.00
3 Pt Plugs 5 8.00 40.00
50m RG-6/U Satellite Cable 50 5.00 250.00
F-Connectors 66 2.00 132.00
Sundries     300.00
Installation of 5 Points (Decoders)     3000.00
    Sub Total R 14840.90
    VAT R 2077.73
    TOTAL R  16918.63
The Alcad broadband system is presently Europe’s nr. 1 choice for hotels and apartment blocks.

We have found that certain TV’s respond much better than others. We therefore recommend the Panasonic and Sansui TV’s. Sansui TV’s are manufactured in the Western Cape and the electronic functions can be modified during manufacturing to suit Hotel and Hospital conditions. Special remote controls are optionally available that restrict public access to the set-up menus. This means that the TV’s can be tuned in with a normal Sansui remote, and will then be substitute with a remote of which only the Volume, Channel, and On Off buttons work. This means that nobody can wipeout or retune the TV.

The same alterations will be made to the buttons on the TV itself. Sansui uses a cheaper Toshiba integrated chipset than other TV’s but react much better to the system than some more expensive TV’s. According to Brain Coode of Sansui the reason for this phenomenon is unknown. Older TV’s like the Goldstar also react good.

Terms and conditions

There are cheaper options but the installer will run the risk of loosing his accreditation certificate.
These quotations are only valid if all the piping is open and in order.
A key must be available for each apartment at all times so that installation is not affected, and if not adhered to, extra time and labour fees will be charged.
Enough space in conduit is required for the installation of at least two cables per apartment.
It might be necessary to install extra equipment for example brackets, amps or ducting which is not included in the quote and the customer can only be informed of these during/after installation.
Quotation is subjective to terms and conditions as stipulated on website
Mr Dish will not be held liable for any damage done to the client’s property due to the normal installation procedure.
The client will be held responsible for any injuries to workers on site caused by structural deficiencies of the building.
Payment to be made after completion of work.
All parts remain the property of Mr Dish until settled in full.
Hiring fee will be charged on all parts not paid within 30 days after completion of installation.

I Accept the above Terms & Conditions (Click here for Contact Details)