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Named by Multichoice as one of the three best installers south of the Orange River
Multi unit Dwelling Systems for Hospitals and Flats Dish Installation and Dual View Antenna and Distributing Points Live Sound & AV Presentations
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Pietie Swanepoel
082 293 2198

Mr. Dish
Reg. No. CK 2002/013755/23
Vat Reg. No: 4210218634

Western Cape Northern suburbs area

Client’s throughout South-Africa are complaining of unprofessional and low standard installations.
We therefore recommend that you use a Multichoice Accredited Installer.

Their contact details are on the Multichoice webpage If you experience any problem with an installer on the list, feel free to contact Multichoice and they will investigate the case and remove his name from the list if found guilty of any misconduct.

* The quotations reflected elsewhere on this web site, only apply for Mr Dish installations
DSTV Installers: Link to Multichoice DSTV Installers and select STEP no 7.

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Space TV

Casper 073 307 7758  


Space TV

Casper 073 307 7758